With the advanced improvements in the technologies and digital world, the use of internet is spreading all around the world satisfying the users with what they are expecting for. Internet of things are growing and growing that’s why all the companies mostly look forward to setup the business which can satisfy them in turn of budget as well as users with the services they will be offering. Thus it is highly recommended that people should research first before buying any services from companies and to avoid the future problems related to hosting services they will select.

No matter how many web hosting companies are there in market, the offerings would differ on the basis of price, size and the configurations. Thus having the good survey and keeping the track will help users to select the one which will prove best for them. It is quite sure that the additional facilities for hosting services can attract lots of customers but even though this is not like you got the best web hosting providers. Don’t be too fast to judge, take your time but select the best, thinking about the issues which can occur in the future. Focus on the factors which should be neglected while choosing the provider with the high quality services fulfilling the user’s desire.

Common Problems of Web Hosting and their solutions:

1. Website Load speed and Navigation:

One of the most important factor which should be properly analyzed as your website growth depends on how fast your website pages are being loaded. People always look for the websites which are loaded soon getting the desired results whereas the websites taking longer time are avoided resulting in less number of visitors on your site. Large loading time can frustrate the user leaving the bad experiences for your site and off course for your business too. Same goes with the navigation, if the menus are not placed properly then it might irritate visitor to go back to previous pages where he visited before or to go back to homepage. Thus menus should be properly displayed and hence it is recommended that keeping the design simple and concise helps users to find the relevant information that interest them in very less time . hence all your searches get best results efficiently and effectively.

Solution to avoid this: 

To overcome the problem of page load speed, you should ensure that all your data centers are placed nearer to your website users, hence in turn increasing the speed of the site. Another problem is to deal with the navigation and for that purpose you have to take care about the network latency, hence selecting the proper web hosts will help you to reduce the network latency by making use of quality hardware and support teams.

Also choose web host provides with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which will help optimizing your site and will enable the cached version of your site improving the performance of the site specially for the people visiting your site across globe.

2. Excessive Cost of a Web Hosting Plan:

It can be the possibility that the web hosting packages the companies choose may or may not would be helpful in terms of both costs and maintenance. Thus it is very necessary that you should understand the proper need of the site as the price spectrum in web hosting is vast and differentiated.

Solution to avoid this: 

1.Researching is always a good solution before hunting anything whether it is for selecting web hosting providers or selecting the basic hosting plans. Proper plannings always work and meet the requirements providing room to grow. Select the plans which suits all your basic needs providing you with the basic support options. You should be prepared to ask the questions if you have any query related to plans you have purchased and ensure that the company is acknowledging you within the given time period.

2.Also, you need to ensure about the bandwidth and the data provided by the company as per your wish and whether or not they allow upgrading to a paid hosting plan in the future.

3.Too Much Time in Resolving Web Hosting Problems:

As we all know that Time is Money and nobody wish to waste their precious time. But there are some of the companies who ensure that they will provide support on time but they actually fail which in turn frustrate the clients dealing with that company.

Solution to avoid this: 

It is important to know which hosting company is providing technical support for 24 x 7 x 365 days and that too with user friendly solutions. Avoid such companies who are just providing contact form and ask you about your complains and get it resolved. While other companies help you solving your issues with their FAQ’s and forums. But this solution is not enough to get the faster results and hence your website can face a downtime and ask you to wait longer for getting an effective solution.

4.Fails to disclose the limitation:

It is always a good habit that you should always be updated with latest news about the services your company is running. Most of the companies do not provide the detailed information about their limitations and so it become really hard for the customers to understand the scope of the services offered by web hosting companies.

Solution to avoid this:

The solution to this problem is that you should have at least a basic idea of the web hosting plans before selecting the right option fit for your hosting needs. Go through all the features and limitations of the web hosting services before subscribing for it.

5.Lack of Security:

Security is always a main concern. Let it be any business. Most of the companies fails to provide the security and hence data is being hacked by most of the hackers degrading the performance of your site.

Solution to avoid this:

1.Thus to boost up the traffic and to grow the overall business, there should be concern for the security which will help users build the confidence and trust for the web hosting company they actually select. 

2. Take time to think and learn about the security as some of the companies even give a false sense of security to clients in order to grab hosting orders.

3. Ensure the level of security needed for your site.

Conclusion: I hope this article will help you out with all your queries regarding web hosting problems and how to deal with that problems. Also you can read the reviews of of the clients to make a better decision about the web hosting companies, their services , limitations and overall detailed information.