Overview : Data Center

Data Centers

What is a Data Center?

It is nothing but a warehouse that houses lots of computers (servers). This servers are very powerful and to save the space they are made thinner and are stacked in racks. In other words, it’s a place where you keep machines that are a shared resources. In general, it is known as server rooms. Data centers are used not only for storing purpose but also for management and data dissemination of data and information in an organized manner. Hence, Data center are the brain of a company where the most critical processes are run.

Purpose of Data Center:

It’s main purpose is to provide space and bandwidth connectivity for servers in a reliable, secure and scalable environment. The aim is to create the master plan with parameters such as number, size, location, topology, IT floor system layouts and power and cooling technology and configurations.

Requirements of Modern Data Centers:

Various aspects for data centers include are:

Facilities: Layout, Power cooling, Physical security.

System Infrastructure: servers, networking, storage and security.

Why Businesses need Data Center Services?

It is a crucial need for every organization to keep their data secure and confidential and for that purpose mostly the data is backed up. Hence they are effective when data is lost due to some initial errors like manual intervention with data, software or hardware failures.

Businesses thrive on data and internet and thus to reach the businesses to the next level, the need of the hour is to think about enterprise data security plan.

Data security plan, in order to be completely fortified, should meet the three ‘C’s of safe and reliable data center:

  • Comprehensive:  To overcome all the challenges and to deal with the factors affecting the important and private data and information of the company as well as the odds such as manual errors, application failures, natural and man-made disasters such as fire, theft, floods etc. Data plan should be able to reduce threats and challenges coming in the path.
  • Convenience: It is an important characteristic for the IT firms who are dealing with  large number of servers in turn taking proper care about the security and the maintenance. Here, the important role is played by the Data Center Services providers providing you the necessary or expanded bandwidth whenever necessary without nudging you for constant care.
  • Costs: There is a need to think about this factor as it your data centers should fit into your budget. It should fulfill all your basic needs without increasing amount of the package or costs for the bandwidth. All your business computing needs should be properly focused.

Thus the above 3 ways will help you to take care about your data backups with the help of plans and ensuring its well being. The geographical location of data centers also minimizes the risk of earthquake, floods and other natural calamities. Therefore most of the companies prefer to locate the data centers at low risk zones.

Our Data Center Features:

  • TIER III & IV Data Center Standards
  • ISO and Security Compliance
  • State-of-art Infrastructure
  • Carrier Neutral Facility
  • Redundant & Reliable
  • 24×7 Rapid Action Team
  • 24×7 Monitoring Team
  • Cisco Layered Security
  • 995% Up-time Guarantee

 Our Services:

Colocation Services:

We offer you a wide array of unmanaged and managed Colocation services in India and US with 5 different Data Center locations.

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Migration Services:

Database Migration Service eases the process of migrating data between systems and computers.

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Email Hosting Solutions:

To promote better exchange of messages via internet, organizations need to adapt advanced technology that will let employees communicate.

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Disaster Recovery Services:

Disasters are unpredictable; the occurrence can give your business the worst. Whether natural or man-made, it can cause serious data loss and..

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Load Balancing Services:

With more organizations adopting the modern technology to run business, the demand for uninterrupted services has always been a priority.

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Features For Selecting Best Web Host


Having a web hosting providers is not enough for your business, the hosting you select should fulfill all the basic requirements say from having the best server to website page load speed, each and every single thing needs to be optimized for the better ranking so as to stand at the top. There are large providers who assure you  to provide with the basic requirements but they get fail sometimes. Hence it is very important to take care the issues most of hosting companies are facing.

Below mentioned are some of the essential features which each and every web hosts service provider should offer:

Website Builder:

The name itself indicates that it is a tool used for building the websites. It really amazes people who don’t have coding knowledge at all helping them in building the website pages so easily without any effort as this builder comes packed with the features that allow anyone to create the pages they desire to create for their businesses. Free templates and many other customization options are presented for converting their sites as per their choice and requirement. Now you don’t need to hire any business professional to make your corporate sites as it can be easily done with this great tool. You just need to drag and drop the components you want to showcase on your site.

Control Panel:

It is one of the most important Feature which should be properly chosen while selecting the best web hosting service providers as this is the only way which can make or break your success of your project. Cpanel should be user-friendly i.e you should be able to control every basic options and feature like SEO and logs. All the features should be properly grouped into the categories that help you to find what you actually needed and when. A good and powerful control panel will fulfill all these basic things for maintaining your sites. Take care not to select the panels which can be hepatic for you to use and even can be difficult to understand and navigate for beginners.

Shopping Cart:

It helps you to sell your products online. Make sure that your web hosts providing you with all the eCommerce tools for easy shopping within no time. The offerings of providers are different so you need to be smart enough to choose the best as per your requirement. There are various options to choose from Single integrated shopping cart application and third party shopping cart programs, thus you should go with the one that actually suits your business need as you are only the better judge to decide what kind of products your businesses having, choose accordingly and run the process.

24×7 Technical Support:

It is quite obvious that the web hosting companies require this feature of having the online support whole day because this is the good way to track the requirements of customers and to provide them whatever they are searching for and solving all their technical issues within no time. Providing the quick user friendly responses on the spot will help enhancing the growth and will build the trust with the customers for getting the best service they are looking for as well it will help all the technician team building confidence and self-satisfaction among them that they are working good providing the better results through chats, email and calls.

Unlimited mailboxes:

It’s quite obvious that after getting your domain name you can actually create the large number of email addresses considering the name of your business but yes there are some of the web host service provider that does not allow you to create the unlimited email addresses and hence you should not select that one and instead go with unlimited features because you need to create the different email id for everyone in your office and also for creating separate addresses for different types of customer inquiries. Go with the web hosts providing you some extra features like built-in email tools that can help you even when you’re not nearby.

Extra Applications:

Several hosts offer set-ups for social features like forums, bulletin boards, mailing lists. If you’ll be running an online store, some hosts offer setups for eCommerce solutions.

Conclusion: Hope above mentioned some points will help you to choose the best web host service provider.

Issues of Web Hosting And How To Avoid Them


With the advanced improvements in the technologies and digital world, the use of internet is spreading all around the world satisfying the users with what they are expecting for. Internet of things are growing and growing that’s why all the companies mostly look forward to setup the business which can satisfy them in turn of budget as well as users with the services they will be offering. Thus it is highly recommended that people should research first before buying any services from companies and to avoid the future problems related to hosting services they will select.

No matter how many web hosting companies are there in market, the offerings would differ on the basis of price, size and the configurations. Thus having the good survey and keeping the track will help users to select the one which will prove best for them. It is quite sure that the additional facilities for hosting services can attract lots of customers but even though this is not like you got the best web hosting providers. Don’t be too fast to judge, take your time but select the best, thinking about the issues which can occur in the future. Focus on the factors which should be neglected while choosing the provider with the high quality services fulfilling the user’s desire.

Common Problems of Web Hosting and their solutions:

1. Website Load speed and Navigation:

One of the most important factor which should be properly analyzed as your website growth depends on how fast your website pages are being loaded. People always look for the websites which are loaded soon getting the desired results whereas the websites taking longer time are avoided resulting in less number of visitors on your site. Large loading time can frustrate the user leaving the bad experiences for your site and off course for your business too. Same goes with the navigation, if the menus are not placed properly then it might irritate visitor to go back to previous pages where he visited before or to go back to homepage. Thus menus should be properly displayed and hence it is recommended that keeping the design simple and concise helps users to find the relevant information that interest them in very less time . hence all your searches get best results efficiently and effectively.

Solution to avoid this: 

To overcome the problem of page load speed, you should ensure that all your data centers are placed nearer to your website users, hence in turn increasing the speed of the site. Another problem is to deal with the navigation and for that purpose you have to take care about the network latency, hence selecting the proper web hosts will help you to reduce the network latency by making use of quality hardware and support teams.

Also choose web host provides with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which will help optimizing your site and will enable the cached version of your site improving the performance of the site specially for the people visiting your site across globe.

2. Excessive Cost of a Web Hosting Plan:

It can be the possibility that the web hosting packages the companies choose may or may not would be helpful in terms of both costs and maintenance. Thus it is very necessary that you should understand the proper need of the site as the price spectrum in web hosting is vast and differentiated.

Solution to avoid this: 

1.Researching is always a good solution before hunting anything whether it is for selecting web hosting providers or selecting the basic hosting plans. Proper plannings always work and meet the requirements providing room to grow. Select the plans which suits all your basic needs providing you with the basic support options. You should be prepared to ask the questions if you have any query related to plans you have purchased and ensure that the company is acknowledging you within the given time period.

2.Also, you need to ensure about the bandwidth and the data provided by the company as per your wish and whether or not they allow upgrading to a paid hosting plan in the future.

3.Too Much Time in Resolving Web Hosting Problems:

As we all know that Time is Money and nobody wish to waste their precious time. But there are some of the companies who ensure that they will provide support on time but they actually fail which in turn frustrate the clients dealing with that company.

Solution to avoid this: 

It is important to know which hosting company is providing technical support for 24 x 7 x 365 days and that too with user friendly solutions. Avoid such companies who are just providing contact form and ask you about your complains and get it resolved. While other companies help you solving your issues with their FAQ’s and forums. But this solution is not enough to get the faster results and hence your website can face a downtime and ask you to wait longer for getting an effective solution.

4.Fails to disclose the limitation:

It is always a good habit that you should always be updated with latest news about the services your company is running. Most of the companies do not provide the detailed information about their limitations and so it become really hard for the customers to understand the scope of the services offered by web hosting companies.

Solution to avoid this:

The solution to this problem is that you should have at least a basic idea of the web hosting plans before selecting the right option fit for your hosting needs. Go through all the features and limitations of the web hosting services before subscribing for it.

5.Lack of Security:

Security is always a main concern. Let it be any business. Most of the companies fails to provide the security and hence data is being hacked by most of the hackers degrading the performance of your site.

Solution to avoid this:

1.Thus to boost up the traffic and to grow the overall business, there should be concern for the security which will help users build the confidence and trust for the web hosting company they actually select. 

2. Take time to think and learn about the security as some of the companies even give a false sense of security to clients in order to grab hosting orders.

3. Ensure the level of security needed for your site.

Conclusion: I hope this article will help you out with all your queries regarding web hosting problems and how to deal with that problems. Also you can read the reviews of of the clients to make a better decision about the web hosting companies, their services , limitations and overall detailed information.

Ways for finding the best domain name for business

Domain name

There are lots of options available for choosing the domain names; you just need to take some of the initiative in searching for the best. If you are confused with choosing then take the suggestion from your friends having good knowledge about the products and services your company runs.

Good domain names always helps your site stand at the top. So, choose wisely as it’s only your identity on the web. Try to search for the domain names which can be found by anyone easily. Hundreds of domain names can be used by a single person and hence this is the reason people worry about getting the one they actually needed.

To get the right domain name, follow steps:

1.Do Research:

Properly researched keywords can be used by businesses for long. Always be confident while choosing and ensure that they are not being used by any other person or copyrighted etc.

2.Keep it unique and short:

Short, sweet and unique names will always help others to find you easily on the web as it can be easily remembered and even avoid spelling mistakes. Unique names help to boost Google ranking. Yes, it will require searching a lot for the one, but it’s okay to do if you’re serious with the growth of your business.

3.Use keywords:

The specialty of using the keyword will help describing your businesses and about the services your company offers. It will help people identifying the purpose of your website. Also using keywords in your name will boost your ranking for searches of that word. Take an example if you’re running an web hosting company, then you may want to register Webhosting.com

4.Target your area:

If you want to showcase your business only to the local people then you should consider your city or state in your domain name so as to easily searchable by them.

5.Be clear and transparent:

It is always good to be clear and transparent while choosing the domain name as clear names will only be easily tracked by the users and can guess what exactly you are offering and what type of content your website covers.

6.Reject Hyphens and numbers:

Removing unwanted stuff and to avoid them will not only benefit success of your business but also it will help your site to stand apart from the  competition and increase your brands and traffic.Hence using numbers or any other character can decrease the count of visitors as such things are hard to remember and can be misspelled too while searching on the web.

7Check social networks:

To increase your brand and to keep your site name unique, it is good idea that you should always check the social networks to avoid the same names while selecting. There are large number of readily available names, you should select the one which will clearly indicate the main purpose of your site. Here’s an example, you should check Facebook/your domain, twitter.com/your domain – and secure them as well.

Conclusion: Thus searching a good domain name will surely help your business to grow worldwide. Plan accordingly to get the faster results.

Benefits of Web Hosting and What they can do for you


Most of the companies nowadays are planning to run a web hosting business just because web hosting is somehow trending and can benefit you in various ways, this article contains some of the points which defines how the web hosting benefit you and what they can do for you.


This is one of the important aspect which will help growing your business more and more if properly handled, maintained and provided on time support with user friendly solutions. Thus there is a need that issue should be solved as soon as possible, to reduce the risk of your websites. Hence for solving issues, you will need a hold of someone at anytime of the day to fix it. If not solved or avoided then your whole website can suffer a lot and even hurt its success and the growth of company as well.

Reliable Servers:

Having fast and reliable servers can benefit you as well as your company’s success. It can benefit from relieving about the serious issues of servers that can frustrate employees. Hence if the severs are not maintained, they might end up crashing resulting in loss of business. However, it is important that we should always ensure what kind of servers our hosting company uses and if facing any issues, they can be addressed so soon for the effective growth and success. If you want to go all out, you can rent a dedicated server and have it all to yourself.

Advantage of having a dedicated server is the fact that it provides easy support to websites and manage them properly. They are also very streamlined. Businesses with the need of many domains are switching over to dedicated servers to benefit from this.

Reliability:  You have total control over the use of server’s resources, making it possible to increase your up time. Using managed dedicated servers, your host will also take care of the burdens of managing the server for you.

Free Features:

You will get an ample array of features and tools to get you started with your website when signing with web hosting company. The examples can be : Free email systems which allows you to create an address that’s  just as unique as your site – adding a processional personal to your business. Another examples can be SEO program, free user guides and manuals containing detailed step by step information which will help even the novices to get the desired results. It is not necessary that every company will offer you the same features, thus for this purpose you have to research it properly for the features you are looking for!

Choosing the Right Plan:

Different hosting company will offer you with different plans and offerings.  So it’s very important that you should figure out all the plans which you need and should benefit you satisfying all your needs and requirements. If you’re on the verge on setting up the first trial and don’t have much plans for bringing large traffic then you can go with the plans which suits your budget. As large the configurations you needed for your site, the more it will be expensive. Before choosing plans, you should always research a lot you can do for choosing the best hosting company you can. If you are still confused then you can read the reviews which will definitely help you choose the one of the best plans.

How Business can be Effective by Web Hosting Services

Be alert before choosing the best hosting service

Before starting with anything, you should always go through the details, causes and consequences to decide whether to go with it or not. In the same way, companies also need to think about the projects on which they are working and how they could be benefited to the normal user too. No matter which kind of business you are running, all its results should be properly displayed to their customers for easy growth.

Let’s now discuss about the service based companies working on different types of web hosting services. Web hosting is nothing but a service which allows individuals and even the organizations to buy some private space and allot it for showing their websites which will be accessible by anyone. The main motto of such type of businesses is to turn their visitors into the customers.

There are large number of web hosting services for which customers are looking for and they are: Shared hosting, VPS hosting,  Reseller hosting and also look for Dedicated servers. Hence all this services offer you different types of plans and configurations, thus in turn to know about them in detail would be beneficial.

Factors to consider before choosing a web host.

It will help you to go with the best provider before you start making any major decisions.

Price: Yes, it is actually the factor, most of the people think and go with the cheapest prices. But it should not be deciding factor at start as it’s not necessarily the best plan if its prices are low. Good quality will cost you little off course but will not disappoint you for sure.

Tech Specs: Going through the site fully is one of the best practice to understand what and how it really showcase and attract you. Site is full of rich and unique content, videos, slides, animations, videos and more. Thus you should choose your hosting plan accordingly as cheap hosting plan probably won’t have the RAM, processing power, and disk space to serve your needs, and you’ll spend more time dealing with downtime or load issues than you would like.

Tech support: One of the most important factor which will help you out to solve all your queries. Thus choosing the hosting provider who will be always there for you 24×7 will take your business to one step ahead. Hence tech support team should always be prepare and should be activated to handle all types of customer queries providing user friendly solutions.

Features/Add-ons: Choose the hosting provider which is integrated not only with the extra features but also with the add-ons which makes your hosting company special. Think from the users point of view and keep on adding the things which can help increasing the traffic like multiple data centers, energy-saving practices, or additional features such as regular data backups or free domain privacy. Choose offers that are completely different from other hosting providers and go with that respectively.

Hardware: Yes, this would be the serious issue if not properly chosen and hence can affect the performance of both servers and off course your site too. Always make sure abut this stuff and learn about the machines which your hosting company actually needs.

Customer Reviews/Satisfaction/Reputation: After going through the above points, if you’re still worried and confused about which to choose upon, then this point will surely help as customer reviews are always helpful for the one to judge. Another solution is to do research for a particular hosting company, or look them up on Twitter. Social media should be considered to make the best selection

Email features: Web hosting companies should always take the smart moves. By adding the email features on the site will help you to deal with the spam problems. Look into or ask about your provider’s spam solutions and general email practices. No matter what they say, email isn’t dead quite yet.

Scalability: At last, the most important thing to consider about your hosting provider is they should fit into your plans in future too. It should not just be for temporary basis. All the basic needs of VPS or Dedicated server shall be provided for the growth of entire business, furthermore accounts should be easily upgradable.

Conclusion: Availing the services from an authentic and renowned hosting provider can benefit you in several ways saving loads of your money and time delivering the best popular solutions. Visit: Webhostindia.in website today for more information about our affordable web hosting packages.